What is Shaolin Chi Kung?


Chi Kung is a system of healing that was first established by the Venerable Bodhidharma in the Shaolin temple around 527AD. In Imperial China it was the choice of the emperors and the elite for maintaining excellent health and clarity of mind.


Chi Kung is one of the four therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As such, it conforms to a radically different view of health and healing than the conventional Western paradigm. It contends that all physical and emotional illnesses are the result of blockages in our energy system. If we can remove these blockages, we remove the root cause of our illness and restore ourselves to good health.


Shaolin Chi Kung is the style of Chi Kung introduced to the west by world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. Practitioners of the art utilise form, breathing and mediation to generate a Chi Flow (energy flow) in the body which systematically cleanses and nourishes the meridian system. With daily practice, this systematic cleansing and nourishing eliminates the blockages that are the cause of our pains, illness and stress. Training Shaolin Chi Kung restores a harmonious flow of energy in our body and mind and returns us to good health and well-being.  


The benefits of practice include:


- Overcoming chronic pain and illness e.g. back pain, migraine, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, crohn's disease etc.


- Maintaining radiant health and vitality;


- Effectively managing stress;


- Having abundant energy throughout the day;


- Peace of mind.

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